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List of L-1011s registered in Portugal

The table below contains information on the L-1011 TriStar aircraft that were registered in Portugal. For the individual fact file and photos follow the corresponding hyperlinks of the 'Airframe MSN' column.

First CS
Tail Nr
Tail Nr
Status Last Known
Last Used
Hours Cycles Seating
193H-1206 CS-TMX CS-TMX Scrapped euroAtlantic aw GL-BF 84,876 17,627 C18Y280
293B-1239 CS-TEA OD-ZEE Stored Globe Jet Airlines CE-HM 58,355 14,386 C19Y290
293B-1240 CS-TEB CS-TEB Stored euroAtlantic aw AM-BF 64,007 15,175 C56Y197
293B-1241 CS-TEC N91011 Stored Orbital ATK CF-JM 61,132 12,661 C19Y291
293B-1242 CS-TED HR-AVN Stored Privilege Jet FG-HM 58,506 13,862 C19Y290
293B-1243 CS-TEE XT-BRK Attrited Kallat Elsaker Air CG-KL 56,271 13,472 C19Y290
193H-1246 CS-TEF XT-RAD Stored Kallat Elsaker Air CE-AD 42,669 10,592 C19Y290
193H-1248 CS-TEG CS-TMP Stored LUZair BH-DM 53,176 12,904 C19Y291

Last modified: 15-07-2018

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